Malibu Rum by mangomoose
August 12, 2008, 4:41 pm
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Client: Malibu Rum
Media: Postering / Chalk Stenciling

Details: Poster sniping, the use of 11″x17″ posters makes a high-impact, repeated impression at street level and can be targeted to a specific area such as Toronto’s Entertainment District.

But posters were only part of the brand awareness campaign executed over the summer for Malibu Rum. Targeting adults of legal drinking age to 29 years, it’s focusing on the Ontario, BC and Alberta markets. We plastered 36,000 poster snipings, as well as 7,500 larger (24″x36″) construction board posters, in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. Additionally, 80 chalk stencils festooned Toronto sidewalks.

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Daily Bread’s ‘”Hungry City: Make Your Mark” by mangomoose

Client: Daily Bread
Media: Street Teams / Postering / Chalk Stenciling

Details: A promotion team of 12 handed out brochures throughout the downtown Toronto core, raising awareness of hunger and poverty in the city. “Hungry City: Make Your Mark” was illustrated with chalk stenciling throughout all of downtown as well as 4,000 poster snipings being displayed. The campaign continued to raise awareness over 4 weeks.

Extra Mileage: The Daily Bread received 10,245 new sign ons as a result of this initiative.

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