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February 12, 2008, 3:53 pm
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Toyota Pizza Box Advertising Campaign
When we first started this journey to be the leaders in guerrilla advertising and alternative media, We often got the question; How many impressions does the generate? And we often had to reply we don’t know! The trouble is we started this venture as pioneers in this field and we therefore lacked “real numbers” for impressions. We had to work hard to inform agencies that Instead of impressions, WE SELL IMPACT! We engage the consumer, we surprise them with unique media placements, we captivate them when they are open and receptive to advertising. We provide shock and the wow factor, this simply can not be done with conventional media.

So billboard people can tell you 30,000 impressions per billboard but how many people were IMPACTED to notice that ad? Where they engaged?

We ran the first pizza box advertising campaign in Canada for Toyota, 120,000 pizza boxes and we estimated 4.5 impressions per box but eveyone of them were solid IMPACTFUL IMPRESSIONS.

Advertising on Trucks means that when you are stuck behind one of them you have no choice but to notice the ad. Street Teams & Promotional Staff means consumers have a chance to interact with your brand.

No we are not saying that there is no place for traditional media what are saying that there No excuse for not having an component of non-traditional advertising. Hence our Raison D’etre and our corporate Mantra:


The agencies we work with get this now, and we get a lot more questions about impact then impressions. Buzz should be the objective of any ad campaign because Word of mouth advertising will always be the best form of advertising.


Ray Wali

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